About us

What is the Retouchschool?

The Retouchschool imparts knowledge about high-end retouching in the categories beauty, fashion and portrait. In addition to the techniques you are also able to get to know everything important about the industry and business of retouching.

What do we understand by high-end retouching?

  • “natural perfect” & invisible
  • Like seeing the person in real life and not when observing an image of a high-definition camera

... but because of the naughty retouchers there’s a wrong ideal of beauty in people’s minds! Indeed? Then no one should be allowed to use makeup, style someone or use lights on purpose during a photoshoot. Apart from this, all these possibilities provide a creative and individual way to do someone’s own thing.

Why do all models have to look “perfect”? They are supposed to evoke a demand, make something desirable and generate a need. As a consequence people will buy the product.

Hence, the retouch belongs to the whole concept of the advertising industry – just like the makeup, styling and light-setups as well.

What makes the Retouchschool unique?

One of the main characteristics of our school is, that personality and honesty is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable with us and at the same time learn as much as possible. We are a small group of professional retouchers, which like to share their knowledge – without any secrets!

Do you have questions, critique or wishes? Please, contact us anytime.

What possibilities do I have?

The Retouchschool offers various possibilities of education. The cheapest option are our video-trainings which will help you to improve in specific areas. Apart from this we also offer workshops regularly – unlike with buying video-trainings you can ask questions directly to us.

If you want to improve very fast and individual you should book a personal coaching. The content for a personal coaching will match to your knowledge and goals perfectly and will help you to get a huge step forward!

Who’s behind the Retouchschool?

The Retouchschool was founded by Lisa Évoluer in Malta. She is a well-known high-end retoucher and wants to share her knowledge through the school. You can find her work here www.lisa-evoluer.com.

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