Personal Coachings

Why should I book a personal coaching?

A coaching has many advantages to a normal workshop. They are created only for you, so match your skills and goals perfectly and you have the possibility to ask questions all the time. Coachings are offered only to individuals and, therefore, we will be prepared for you and your needs. A coaching will help you to get a huge step forward!

A coaching on site or via online-meeting?

There are multiple options do to a personal coaching. An online-meeting via skype is possible worldwide and you can stay at home – even though we recommend a meeting in person. The coaching can either take place at the location as requested (plus travel-costs) or in our retouchschool on Gozo (Malta).

Retouchschool on Gozo (Malta)

Gozo belongs to Malta and is a small island in the Mediterranean , southern from Italy, and has very good flight-connections. With a warm climate, stunning coastlines and many sights a coaching on Malta offers a perfect mix between relaxation, adventure and advanced training. Unlike an online-coaching a coaching in Malta offers many benefits, because we can spend more time together and get to know each other very well. Also, keep in mind when being away from home you can focus on the coaching without any distractions!
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At your place

If you don’t have the possibility to visit us on Malta, you can also book one of our tutors at a location of your request. A suitable area to do the coaching is required and travel-costs are added to the expenses of the course.

Online-Meeting with Skype

Even though we recommend personal-coaching on site, we also offer skype-meetings. An online-coaching via skype is possible worldwide and many people prefer this type of coaching because it is simple and convenient. A good internet-connection, a webcam, the installation of Skype and Teamviewer is required.

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What does a personal-coaching cost?

Coachings from only 340€

The costs of a personal-coaching depend on the duration, topics and your knowledge. Because of this, there are no standardised prices. Please, contact us to get an individual offer. With a personal-coaching you are investing in your future and we promise that a coaching with us will help you to get a huge step forward!

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