Portfolio Reviews

How good are your images?

Are you wondering how good your retouching-skills are or if they match the wishes of your clients? Do you want to know, what a professional retoucher thinks about your work and get tips how to improve your work?

A Portfolio-Review will answer your questions.

100% honest feedback and tips for your career

We will take a look at your portfolio and give you precise tips, how you can improve your retouching-skills and portfolio. You will receive constructive critique and an honest opinion

How much does a portfolio-review cost?

A portfolio-review costs 197€ and includes a 40-60 minute personal conversation. Afterwards you know your level and have concrete tips how to improve your work and portfolio.

Send us your portfolio

You can either send us a selection of images or a link to your portfolio. It will help if you write 1-2 sentences about your current clients and your ideal client.

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