High-End Beauty Retouch For Beginners

Your perfect start into the field of high-end retouching!

Ich will take you by the hand and show you the easiest and fastest way, how you are able to do a beautiful high-end retouch!

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  • Structure of a high-end retouch
  • Techniques for a high-end retouch, like...
  • Dodge and burn
  • Frequency Seperation
  • and much more!

Finally! Ich will take you by the hand and show you, how you are able to do a stunning high-end retouch!

The best of it:
You can learn it step-by-step, comfortably, from home.

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Download of the PSD-File

Get the PSD file to understand every step!

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Live-Stream with Lisa

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You will get the full program from me!

Did you always wonder how to do a high-end retouch and wanted to expand your knowledge in beauty-retouching?

In this training I will show you the fastest and most simple way, how you are able to retouch your images successful and professional.

Why am I doing this? At the beginning of my career I had to experience, how hard and expensive it can be to get the knowledge, which is needed for a high-end retouch. Also, there is not that much good material on the market and most of the coaches do not care about each individual. Apart from that, most of the coaches are photographers and not retouchers, therefore they don’t know how the retouching-market works.

I want to change this from now on! I developed an online-course, which will take you by the hand and shows you step by step the basic-knowledge which you need for a high-end retouch. Of course, you still have to practice and know your weaknesses, but afterwards you will also be able to do a beautiful retouch!

I want to pass on the knowledge, which people usually only get when booking expensive seminars or try to learn everything step by step over many years. I want to help you to change your life in a positive way and show you that you can do stunning retouching as well!

Get 23 videos with a total duration of more than 120 minutes!

Alright. Get access now! The debiting is done by Digistore24

Content - What's in it?



  1. Introduction
  2. Raw-Conversion incl. multiple Raw-Conversions
  3. General Workflow
  4. Basic retouch (healing, cloning, layer modes)
  5. Fine tuning (different types of Dodge & Burn, Frequency Seperation, Correcting skin tones, Make-up Correction)
  6. Selective sharpening and creating a look with adjustment layers
  7. Final touch-ups


  1. Access to an exclusive group with individual help
  2. PSD-File including all layers
  3. RAW-file for practising purposes
  4. Large set of actions

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